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Buggy Rental in Taíba

Make the most of the adventure in Brasil and hire a buggy with driver whilst in Taíba - explore all those remote and exotically beautiful spots on the coast and find the best kite spots. The driver can follow you on the beach as you kite downwind and can then show you where to find the best "barracas" beach bars where you can eat freshly caught fish, catch some rays, take in the scenery and  and prepare yourself for the afternoon kite session.        Leerlo en español


The buggy rental includes the driver who will be able to follow you or pick you up as you do the great downwinders between Cumbuco - Pecem - Taíba - Paracuru etc.

 No. of DaysPrice per day 
 1 - 2 60€          150 R$
 3 - 8 50€          125 R$

Please note that prices include driver. 


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