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Downwinder from Taíba to Paracuru

The downwinder from Taíba to Paracuru starts just in front of the house and will take from 2 to 4 hours depending on ability and how much time you want to spend playing in the waves. Doing the whole downwind requires a good level of kitesurfing, experience in waves and stamina! If you have a car to follow, you can do as much or as little of the downwind as you like. Beginner kitesurf riders or riders with less experience, especially in waves, can do a session at The Secret Spot which is more or less half way between Taíba and Paracuru.

      Quebra Mar - end of the downwind

Start the downwind in front of the house


Have a quick flat water session in the lagoon


Quebra Mar at Paracuru

This downwinder also takes you directly past the Taíba lagoon so if you feel like a little flat water session to master some new free style manoeuvres before re-entering the Ocean and heading to Paracuru with its reef break then go for it! 

The Secret Spot - perfect for wave riding

The Secret Spot

The Secret Spot is half way between Taìba and Paracuru and can only be reached by the beach. The spot is marked by a group of palm trees and traditional Jangada fishing boats. Taking a 4x4 is the easiest as you don’t need to watch for the tide but an ordinary car will get you there as long as you go and come back within 2 hours before and after low tide (select TERMINAL PORTUARIO DO PECÉM (ESTADO DO CEARÁ) and select month and year).

Flat-water lagoon inside the reef is ideal for learning and beginners


At the Secret Spot there are conditions for kiters of all levels. The outside reef provides great wave riding sessions, whilst the flat-water lagoon inside the reef is ideal for learning, beginners and practicing free-style manoeuvres.

The side-shore constant wind is ideal for wave riding and for beginners.





The Secret Spot is also used by fishermen coming and going with their surf like Jangada boats...check out their catches... they sometimes catch enormous fish. You can buy your fish directly from the fishermen or the spear fishers who are often around during low tide. Don't forget to bargain!


Quebra Mar, Paracuru

 Quebra Mar

Further down wind (14km from the house) is Paracuru. The spot is called Quebra Mar and is similar to the Secret Spot with an outside reef and flat water lagoon – the main difference is that there are many more people kiting at Quebra Mar. However there is a great “barraca” (beach bar) which serves really good food and gives a cool ambience to the spot. Just 5 minutes drive takes you from the beach into Paracuru town centre where you will find plenty of restaurants, bars, supermarkets and shops.             

In Paracuru town center you can also find Mr Kite Fix aka Rogerson Barroso +558588851709 rogersonbarroso@hotmail.com  He is easy to find and does very quick and good repairs.



Famous kite spot at Quebra Mar - great conditions, ambience and food...   

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