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Taíba, Brazil…Welcome to Paradise!   


 Newly renovated house Views of TaibaNew swimming pool 


Discover our kitesurfing paradise accommodation in Taíba... which is an idyllic fishing village in North Eastern Brazil with around 2,500 inhabitants surrounded by huge sand dunes and endless unspoilt beaches.              Leerlo en español


House on the beach

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The coast of North Eastern Brazil is dotted with little villages like it, but none of them quite like Taìba which has an untouched quality about it; the warm and charming people, the exotic culture, the cheap cost of living, and a lifestyle which goes on as it has always done.

The main hub of activity in Taìba  is at the fishermen`s plaza (Praça do Peixe) where you can go daily to buy a variety of very fresh and cheap fish. You can soak up the atmosphere at one of the little bars in the plaza and watch the fishermen skilfully ride the waves into shore on their traditional Jangada fishing boats. If you’re feeling more energetic then grab your surfboard or boogie board and enjoy the impressive waves with the locals. 

Taiba has more than 300 sunny days a year and day temperatures of around 28 - 30 degrees throughout the year. During the night, the average temperature drops to 24 degrees. The sea is 27 degrees all the year round, and due to the steady trade winds, the air temperature never feels too hot. 

The rainy season is from February to April when it will rain for an hour or two everyday early in the morning, before the sun emerges again.

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Lots of wind and lots of waves! Kiting at Taíba


Praça do Peixe - Fishermen's Plaza


World famous surf spot in Taíba village

 Little roads leading to the beach


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