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Kitesurfing TaíbaPerfect conditionsConstant wind and flat waterLearn to kitesurf the easy way!





Kitesurfing Taíba have been giving kitesurfing course since 1998 developing techniques with IKO (International Kitesurfing Organisation) experienced instructors to ensure you learn to kitesurf quickly and safely with a lot of fun.             Leerlo en español

Taíba is the perfect location for learning to kitesurf with its wide sandy beaches, flat water lagoon just 500 metres from the, warm water and constant side shore winds which blow from June until February from 15 to 25 knots everyday.

After your completion of a kitesurfing course you will be given an IKO licence which is recognised throughout the world and will permit you to rent kitesurfing equipment. 

 Taster Course - check out if this fun and addictive sport is for you! 3 hours280 R 
 Beginner /Intermediate Course - learn all the fundamentals of kite flying, bodydragging and trying the board. 6 hours550 R
 Beginner /Intermediate Course - learn all the fundamentals of kite flying, bodydragging and improving board skills to get first ride! 9 hours780 R
 Advanced Course - for those of you who have already done a course in the past and want to improve your waterstart skills 3 hours280 R
 Private Lesson - improve confidence, learn to turn, ride upwind and learn new tricks. 2 hours300 R/hr

*Prices in Brazilian Reals



Learn some new free style tricks


Flat water and constant wind - excellent learning conditions

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