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Kitesurfing in Taíba Brazil...

Taìba is one of the best kitesurfing areas in the world due to its awesome kiting conditions; constant strong winds, big waves, warm water, flat-water lagoons and endless possibilities for down winders; a kiter's paradise...               Leerlo en español

Taìba has the best conditions for all levels…

Taìba Lagoon

Flat-water Lagoon

The famous lagoon of Taìba is situated about 800m north (downwind) of the house and can be reach by kiting downwind, by car via the beach (a 4X4) or by the road that leads directly to the lagoon (a normal car is fine). The lagoon is great for practicing new manoeuvres, freestyle or getting up on the board for the first time

A true kiter's paradise with warm water, constant strong wind and sunshine! 

Spend the whole day until sunset kiting at the lagoon...or cross over to the sea if you feel like some wave riding.

There is always plenty of ambience at the lagoon with plenty of riders including some young locals who will be happy to show off their manoeuvres. There are a couple of little beach bars if you want to sit in the shade and buy a drink and some snacks.

Great wave riding right in front of the house

Wave Riding

Wave riding - literally just in front of the house you can play in the awesome Atlantic waves which vary from 1m to 3m. The waves pick up in size and power when the tide is coming in so check out the tide table (select TERMINAL PORTUARIO DO PECÉM (ESTADO DO CEARÁ) and select month and year) to chose the best time for the optimum wave riding session. 

Other great wave riding experiences are to be had at Pecém where there is often a a great right hand break to be found, the Secret Spot and at Quebra Mar in Paracuru.

Pecém with its famous right hand break


What kite size?

The wind blows the whole year round in Taìba between 15 and 25 knots, the strength of which depends upon the season. The windiest season begins in July and continues through to February. During this time a person weighing approximately 75 kilos (165 pounds) will use a 7m with a surfboard or an 8m with a twin tip. For the rest of the year the same person would use a 10m or a 12m kite.

Check out the wind and weather conditions   


Just 800m upwind towards Taìba village there is the local paddle surfing spot – the locals (who are just as friendly in the water as out) are surf crazy and make the most of the world-class waves.


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