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Trips from Taiba to Jericoacoara and further north...

Taíba has some of the best kitesurf conditions in the world but for a truely epic downwinder make the trip up to Jericoacoara. It is well worth the visit to Jericoacoara especially as most of the 300 km of amazing beach between Taiba and Jericoacoara is accessible with a 4x4. If you dont have a 4x4 then you can take the main road which is quite direct and in very good condition. Pick up a map in Paracuru to work out your route and to ensure you don't miss any of the great spots on the way. 

There are many little villages worth stopping at, all quite charming and picturesque. Some of the following places are definately worth a visit; Paracuru (see downwinders for more info on Paracuru) followed by Praia de Lagoinha and Flecheiras. Flecheiras is a beautiful village on the coast, located about 60 km from Taiba. It offers immense natural beauty, of which the locals are very protective and is a fantastic place with a great vibe! Baleia and Coqueiros are also great stop over locations with great kiting conditions.

Be sure to take time to visit Ilha do Guajiru; Brazil's Ecological Paradise - huge flat water lagoon, sand dunes and beautiful natural surroundings.








Start the epic downwinder to Jeri in Taíba's awesome conditions   Flecheiras - 60km north of Taíba      

Taíba's constant wind and big waves starts the ultimate downwinder


Beautiful and fun Flecheiras


Praia de Coqueiros


Ilha do Guajiru


The Village of Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara is a small fishing village about 5 hours drive from Taíba. It is a very picturesque village with many great restaurants, boutiques and charming guest houses. The coastline comprises of shining white sand dunes backed by crystal clear freshwater lakes meeting huge, beautiful long beaches with a world famous point break. The village of Jeri is quite small with just 5 sandy streets packed with ambience and a very chilled vibe.  Kitesurfing,  windsurfing, surfing or walking for miles along truely stunning beaches are all popular activities in Jericoacoara.

The village of Jericoacoara is very popular with well off Brazilian tourists and international travellers looking for a resort in Brazil that’s a little different. Just 20 years ago Jeri was an isolated fishing village without electricity where the locals made commerce by the trading of goods.Now however, it’s almost completely tourism orientated but luckily remains a laid back, charming village.



Beach at Jeri and Sunset Dune


Jericoacoara village


Night time ambience at Jeri


The trip to Jericoacoara via the road is fairly straight forward until the final approach to Jeri. Many of the road signs have been written over by "guides" in the hope of confusing you - they will constanly offer to take you to Jeri and will tell you it isn't legal to enter Jericoacoara National Park without a guide - this isn't true and it is possible to get to Jeri without a guide, even without a 4x4. The stretch of road between Prea and Jeri is quite difficult but can be passed in a normal car if you let some air out of the tyres. Expect to have to dig the car out once or twice though! If this sounds like to much adventure then pick up a guide in Prea and negociate the price before you start off. There’s an alternative road via Jijoca, though whether it’s an easier drive I’m unsure…

Nearly all the posadas and  hotels in Jericoacoara are charming - the more expensive pousadas are on the beach itself, but as the village is essentially in the middle of the sand dunes, one feels as if you’re on the beach whichever pousada you select. There must be over 30 pousadas to choose from - just be sure to book in advance if you go over Christmas, New Year and Carnival. If you go in low season then try to get a discount.



Traditional fishing in Jeri


Jumping off Sunset Dune


Pedra Furada - a 2 hour return walk


Tips for Jericoacoara...

- Don’t pay over the odds, and try to choose a small hotel if you want a more personalized experience.

- Bring plenty of sun cream, and a parasol as there’s almost no shade on the beaches.

- Remember that those dune buggy tours aren’t really necessary, and they’re bad for Jericoacoara’s environment.

- 3 to 4 nights will be plenty for most visitors.

- Ignore those scheming guides that try to confuse drivers driving to Jericoacoara. If you do drive via Prea without a 4wd vehicle, be sure to deflate you’re tyres before hitting the sandy road along the coast - it’s not too difficult and great fun if you’re feeling adventurous!

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